The Love To Listen Project

LTLLove to listen is a network project connecting people in pairs with the goal of bringing them closer to each other, allowing them to share their troubles in a friendly manner without disturbing the equilibrium of their lives. Whether you are in the period where you need someone to listen to your story and would like to keep things separated from your social life, or you are the kind person that would dedicate a part of the day for helping by listening other people and therefore connecting to them on a humane level, then you are most welcome to join our Love to Listen program which allows you just that.

The project encourages one way paired communication for short periods of time. Wheres the people in a pair have a distinguished role in the communication as a “listener” or a “partner” and they interact with each other in 20 to 40 minute intervals.

Sounds good? It is, and it will improve the life of you and others. Just contact us and get started by receiving the “Instructions manual” and getting your first partner!


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