Innocence Lost

Have you ever looked in the mirror and realized: We are not the good guys…

It is interesting how we value people and their lives. Innocence, for example, always seems to hold our favor. Even though, the innocent man, if left to his devices, will develop into the average man – a being that finds its self labeled as “them” in our everyday vocabulary, giving it the value of “the less I see him the better”.
There is just something about the whole innocence thing that doesn’t completely sell. ‘Tis not a question of whether someone is not tainted by life and therefore exempt from judgment by society and the laws it imposes. Rather, it is a question of the concept of innocence. We accept it as the status quo, which one obtains from birth. The status of purity, giving the pure a free pass on life’s difficulties, protecting them more than the average man, keeping them away from the taint of life for as long as possible. But the taint does catch on eventually, and those that are oblivious to the taint or in other words, to the reality of life, are branded naive, and rightfully so. While, those that have accepted the taint, those who have seen reality for what it is, the ones who know their true nature and the flaws within, are branded crooked for living with those flaws.

Thus, a question beckons.

If we know that life catches on to everybody sooner or later, shouldn’t the status of innocence be reached trough merit and virtue? Shouldn’t we, instead of saying innocent until proven guilty, instead say: naive until demonstrated virtuous?

What point is there, in praising and protecting that, which has the potential for turning into the very thing that society despises about itself – the average person.

Perhaps, if we where turn this whole thing on its head. And we make the person that builds, shows merit, shows courage and skill, shows will and defiance, the person that persists… into the thing that is given a free pass, into the thing that is praised or at least respected, then perhaps we will see that innocence is not the price you pay for turning 16, rather the reward you get when accepting your own crookedness and then overcoming it.


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