No Regrets

I am what I am. I do what I do. I make no apologies. For why should I? And make apologies to whom? To you – who are no better? To you, whose mask shines not brighter then mine? Thus a philosophy is perpetuated – You are no better, thus I need not improve.

This is surely something we all felt. We know what is means to be judged, we remember the lengths we go to avoid it, the lies we tell ourselves to deny it. But it is there, as long as we make mistakes, judgment will stalk us. Even the “perfect ones” are flawed… Alas, striving for perfection in the eyes of others is a mistake in and of itself.

Thus, we come to the epilogue. Should we judge ourselves? Should we have regrets for the things that have been? Surely we couldn’t have done them any other way in the situation that we were given. Further still, we cannot go back to the past and correct our misguided behavior, our selfish deeds and crooked thoughts. Thus why? Why regret? If we can change nothing, if no-one can really claim to be better in a human sense, if accepting one’s self is a virtue seldom attained even by the persistently-wise among us.

My answer starts with a mild and ambiguous “Perhaps”. Perhaps, there is reason for regret. Perhaps acknowledging failure and frowning upon ourselves can be benevolent, not for the past – Rather, for the future. To ensure that the pain we have caused ourselves and others is not easily forgotten, to ensure suffering is not taken lightly and mistakes are not dismissed at our whim. To ensure, a better future for you, me and every other crooked being lurking behind its mask in this world.


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