It is a busy world out there and capable people are preciously scarce. One man made this clear to everyone.
He was a general director at a huge corporation in Berlin. A smart, hard working, reliable and dedicated human. Never leaving his responsibilities behind, always striving to push his company above the competitive edge. Of coarse, with all that capability came the power, both financial and material. He had a huge estate, all the little toys a man wants. But he was busy, all the gains came at a price, he told that to everyone. His wife and children were no exception. He rarely got a chance to spend time with them.
Being either at work or on the phone made him absent even while he was at home. At the beginning his family called out to him, but he would always insist on being busy. He would tell them how his company needed him, how his company couldn’t function without his leadership. He was such an important figure there, overseeing multiple aspects in the company, transactions, deals, expansion strategies, investments and crisis management. All of the absence took a toll on his family, eventually they stopped reaching out to him so much.
The years passed by, his health started deteriorating. One day, he went to a therapist to consult with. He explained to the therapist about how busy he is, he also told him about how much weight his decisions carry, that he cannot leave his company, else it would surely fall into ruin. The therapist observed his perspective and also noted his deteriorating health.
“What do you plan to do with the rest of your time?” He asked bluntly.
“There is nothing I can do, I cannot change things, my company just cannot handle the situation without me, plus we are in a recession, they need me as much as possible.” He answered.
The therapist paused for a moment. “What about your family? Don’t they need you just as much?”
“They understand, they always have and they don’t hold it against me.”
The conversation didn’t make much progress after that. They parted on the same terms on which they met.
A few weeks passed by, his health worsened. Eventually, he died.
Apparently things didn’t play out as he expected.
His company found a replacement within a week.
His family however, never forgave him.


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