Golf Ball Philosophy

A man decided to learn how to play golf. He hired an instructor and they went to the filed to practice. His instructor told him about the basic pose and techniques, and asked him to try out a few rounds not too far away from the hole. The man took a few swings and surprisingly did very good. His instructor was surprised and said that it was beginners luck.
After that the man took a few more swings and missed most of them. He felt angry about it. “It’s harder than I thought”.
“Try again.” His instructor encouraged him. So he did, but missed a few more times. “Every-time I hit the ball, it seems to go way further than I want it to go. I’m really bad at this”. He talked down to himself.
His instructor approached him, “Yes it does go very far away, but you are not bad at this. In fact, you are hitting the ball at a wrong angle of less then a millimeter than you should be hitting it”.” What do you mean?” Said the man. “Well all you need to do is adjust the aim less than a millimeter in the right direction and the ball should fly perfectly – just like life.” He said with a smile.

At that moment it got to him, “He is right!” – he said to himself. What a great philosophy to live by. “Every-time we feel that we are heading in the wrong direction in life, all we need to do is make a few small changes. Suddenly, all of our pieces fall into their place. A millimeter is the difference between the right direction and being way off track – In golf and also in life.”

I got this example from Tony Robbins. Hope you liked it! 😉


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