The Four Long-term Motivators


There were once two brothers. Both of them had a good and normal life. One day, the younger brother decided that he wanted to take up a profession and become something totally different than what his family intended him to be. He was excited. He hadn’t quite made the decision on whether he would go trough with it, but nonetheless he was happy to tell his brother about it.
They sat down on the dinner table and the younger brother told his the older one that he was seriously thinking about taking up a different profession. The older brother listened patiently. At the end, he told his brother:
“I’m going to be honest with you, I think that you don’t know what you are getting yourself into. You are not the kind of man that can handle something like this – I don’t think you can do it, you should stick to what you have.”
The younger brother stood up and left the table. Spite filled his mind. He absolutely despised the fact that his brother thought that he couldn’t do it, that his brother thought that he isn’t good enough.
Channeling his spite, he drove himself to do whatever it took to master his chosen profession. The spite wasn’t there to motivate him to start doing something, but every-time when the going got tough, he remembered his brother saying that “He couldn’t do it”. So, spite didn’t allow him to quit – his spite was the thing that kept him going in his worst moments. He simply wouldn’t allow his brother to be right.
So we ask ourselves: Can something like spite or even hate drive a person to overcome the highest of obstacles? Yes it can.


Having purpose is a decision you make because you have created your “because”. It is made after you have seen the true face of life, its challenges, injustice, suffering. You say to yourself: “Despite all of this. Despite knowing that there is no meaning from the start. Despite knowing that the chances are stacked against me. Despite knowing the fatality of it all. I decide to give my life meaning, by having *this* purpose. It is this purpose that matters to me above all else. It is this purpose for which I will do whatever needs to be done. It is this purpose for which I am willing to suffer.” And you suffer, you pay a price, perhaps with your nerves, perhaps with your health, perhaps your life is shorter because of this. But, you also get something in return. You get to live.


It is amazing how some of the people we meet can change our lives.
A boy met a girl once, it’s a cliche story. Nothing special. The girl was average, not the prettiest, not the brightest. There was something about her however. She had all the reasons to be held back in life. To be down and depressed. To pull back. Yet, she took on life with everything she got, living to the fullest, enjoying every good moment as much as possible. A sight not easily explained. He saw someone that despite her position, despite everything, was still fighting with everything that she had. She even made things look as if they were easy. “It is these kind of people that make life worth fighting for.” he thought to himself.
With that, he changed from passively flowing trough life, to waking up every day inspired to be at his possible best.
Inspiration comes in many shapes in forms – This is but one example of it.


A  man named Jim Rohn talked about the day that a girl-scout visited his house. He was alone in his house when a 7 year old girl-scout rang on his doorbell. He opened up and the girl politely introduced herself. “Hello Sir, I am with the girl-scouts. I have cookies from all flavors.” She pointed to each flavor and in the end with the most polite smile asked him: “Only two dollars for a box Sir. Would you like to buy?”
Jim was delighted by the cookies and the girl’s effort to sell.
One problem… He didn’t have 2 dollars. He was flat broke.
So, instead of telling her that – He did the next best thing.
He lied.
Said: Listen, I already bought plenty of boxes from the girl-scouts and I have boxes still stacked up in my house. So I’m sorry but I don’t need any more right now.”
The girl was confused, but politely replied: “Gee, thanks mister – That is very gracious of you. Have a good day.” And she left.
It was that moment when Jim thought to himself: “I do not ever want to be in a position, where I have to lie to someone for 2 dollars”. After that, he went on to change his life – becoming one of the most famous real-estate salesman and motivational speakers. Desperation can drive us to do , endure, change, surpass unimaginable difficulties… As long as we decide not to give in.


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