Fear of success

You would think people strive, to go forward, to succeed. You would think, that given the chance, given the opportunity for success, that people would reach out and immediately claim it.

How confusing it is – at least for me, to see people facing real success, something good happening, and seeing them actually shying away from it. We would rather talk about being better, more successful, rich or what-have you, than actually doing it, and here is the absolutely most confusing part:

We will actually turn away from something good happening to us, even if all we had to do is just accept it.

A caring person, a real friend, a proper job with a proper dignity and salary, a chance to improve in any way – turned down… Out faulty self won’t accept anything that will change its crookedness.

Have we such low self-respect, do we think ourselves so unworthy for the good things in life?! I had heard of the fear of success before, but I had never imagined it being so strong.

One person said “People don’t fail in life by aiming high and missing, they fail by aiming low and hitting” – Les Brown. I am slowly starting to believe that man now.

So the next time we encounter someone that needs so little to change for the better, do we illuminate the opportunity in front of his/her face? Or, do we pretend that things will never be better while slowly pulling them away from themselves – It’s funny, having to lie to someone in order to help them. You end up being the bad guy either way… But, then again, the other option is worse: to let a human being proceed with their faulty ways, with their bad habits, with their self destructive nature – just so you can gain their trust by saying “I accept you the way you are”, how selfish of us… To take the easy way out. I have done it, I’m sure you have as well.
Finally, you are left either being the bad guy and pushing for change, which they will resist and turn away from, or you can be “right” person, accepting their bad nature/their mask in the hopes that they will “love” you back, in the hopes that they will not in turn push you to confront your own flaws, leaving you to see them suffer or finally bailing on them – Pathetic…

Perhaps a more sinister and deceitful approach is an option. Perhaps, we should pretend to accept them, but slowly pulling them to change, pushing them towards small victories – so they can see for themselves what they are actually capable of. And after you lead/push/show them a different side of themselves, they deem you a demon and turn away, then at least you will not be cursed to see their old selves suffer anymore.


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