To Climb A Mountain


The essence: This article focuses on what makes us engage in (what seem to be) long and difficult tasks. The difference in small and big tasks and how it impacts our choice whether or not to tackle them.

There is this philosophy snip from Alan Watts – who was a western philosopher and theologian influenced by eastern culture “before it was cool”. You can also find the same philosophical principles from psychologists such as Jordan B. Peterson. In a way, here is what it’s all about:

Looking at the mountain makes us quit the climb

Every-time we set out to accomplish something major, or at least something that can’t be done in 1 one day, we find ourselves contemplating the enormity of our task. We attempt it as far as our will allows us, but ultimately we see the fatality of things and we quit.

Our tasks, long-term goals, bad habits etc. – can seem more or less difficult depending on the perspective from which we look at them.

For example, we have decided to quit drinking or smoking, perhaps we have a book that we need to read, or a project that we must complete. Perhaps we want to go to the gym for a year, or we just need to wash that big dirty pile of dishes…
What is common with every one of these examples, is that as soon as we decide that we need to do a task, the devil inside us reminds us of the enormity of the task.

  • “To quit smoking” becomes “can I imagine not smoking for years?”
  • No more drinking – In our mind becomes no more alcohol, ever!
  • I have to read 300 pages?!
  • Working full-time means from 08:00 to 16:00, every day – and possibly more.
  • The project will take at least 50 hours to complete…
  • I need to go to the gym at least 3 times a week for 4 months to lose a bit of weight?!

Immediately we think of the insurmountable picture and thus we demotivating ourselves, or give up by accepting the first excuse that comes to mind.  Continue reading “To Climb A Mountain”

Featured post

The Russian Wedding

When a young man (let’s call him Vlad) decided to get married, he sat down with his best man in a tavern and asked him for a favor.

“I asked her to marry me, and she said yes!”

“That is wonderful news” his friend reacted. “What will you do now?”

“I want to make a great feast for all of my friends” explained Vlad. “But I cant make the arrangements myself, so I need to ask you something.”

“Anything” his man encouraged.

“Can you send all of my friends a letter, to come and celebrate with us here next Saturday?”

“Of course Vlad” his friend agreed. “All of us will be waiting for you here on Saturday. I will send the letters”.

The week went by, and as agreed, Vlad came to the tavern.

Expecting to enter a room full of people, he was stunned to see none of his friends, but the best man there…

“Where are all my friends?!” He asked.

“They are all here” said his best man.

“Did you send the letters?”


“For today?”


“What did you write?”

“Vlad is in trouble, come to the tavern next Saturday.”

Meditating on Brandy

There is nothing to writing, you just sit down and bleed – Bukowski

Not that I’m a fan… Never actually read the man, but his words do seem to resonate with the meaning of writing. It’s not that there is a point to express, rather, the meaning of writing is to test your reality towards yourself by receiving feedback from the world. I’m not making sense am I?! Well I suppose I need to be genuine in order to make some sense, and perhaps my sentences should be a tad bit simpler.  Continue reading “Meditating on Brandy”

Suffering has no “deeper” meaning

Sometimes we are quite engulfed with the rot in our lives, that we start pulling a veil over our eyes. This pleasantly blinding veil gives us the warm illusion that somehow, everything that is going on around us has meaning.

There is this small egocentric feeling, a remnant from our childhood past, that we are in some way special or important. This mind-state, which naturally starts in most of us during our youth, has left us with an implicit way of thinking, that things do indeed happen for a reason. Sometimes the things that happen are bad, and in this unbroken chain of thoughts and feelings, doesn’t it naturally follow, that even the bad things happen for a reason? But not just any reason! Continue reading “Suffering has no “deeper” meaning”


Defense mechanisms (DMs) are ways of coping with reality while being unable to accept it. Out of most DMs, sublimation is one of the “positive” ones. By positive, I mean that it has functional value, versus the ones that tend to have primarily negative outcomes, and yes, it is a personal favorite of mine.
So what is it?
Sublimation is the DM that transfers your focus/energy into something personally or socially productive while something that you can’t quite handle is happening in your life. A few examples of sublimation are: Continue reading “Sublimation”

Keeping A Diary

There are quite a few types of diaries that people keep, and also quite a few benefits to keeping one.

While men and women tend to differ in the approach towards the way they keep their diaries, there are some common characteristics that do give us long-term benefits. For our purpose I will outline the most basic way of keeping a diary, and will present some of the main benefits to it. Stay tuned – you just might be surprised. Continue reading “Keeping A Diary”

The stone in my stomach

A life without mistakes is a life without progress

A girl with anorexia was part of my life some time ago. Her body was weak, but her charm always shined. From time to time, I keep looking back on my time spent with her, the moments were bliss, the mistakes I made still plague me to this day.

I like to think that, I have at least learned something from it, although it is unfortunate that it had to be at someone else’s expense. If nothing else, I hope that whoever reads this will come-out with more understanding towards the people that are plagued by this disorder.

Here is what happened: Continue reading “The stone in my stomach”

How to organize an event

I have been organizing events for some time now. Anything from: parties (big and private), lectures, movie nights, sales events, to a presentation from my country’s Embassy. But, the thing that motivated me to make sure that any event which is organized by me and my team is good, was my very first experience.

Bare with me, I promise it was a total disaster.
Continue reading “How to organize an event”

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